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Sophia Röpke
Entrepreneur Sophia Röpke
  • Smartes Recruiting im digitalen Zeitalter. Sophia Roepke und Yves Scheffold von hrConnectum

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Sophia Röpke, CEO & founder, book author, keynote speaker and start-up mentor, is a passionate entrepreneur and an expert in smart recruiting. She has an excellent knowledge of the applicant markets and knows where and how to find and retain the right applicant target groups. She started her career in the diplomatic service and then moved to a Swedish recruitment consultancy before founding a digital recruiting platform in 2016. Her clients include well-known medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. Today, she shares her wealth of knowledge from over 10 years of practical experience in recruiting with candidate markets in her consultations and presentations at forums, congresses, association conferences and corporate events. She knows how to inspire her participants with a firework display of practical examples and take them on a journey into the working world of today and tomorrow. In her presentations, she provides effective impulses and answers for the development of suitable recruiting processes, true to her motto: Skills shortage? There is another way!


Recruiting as a success factor - Only fitting applicants!

  • How to attract suitable and interested applicants again
  • How to systematically find out which value proposition most appeals to and attracts your target applicant group
  • Which methods and platforms you can use to precisely reach and address your target applicant group
  • How to set up an optimal application process - from initial contact to the interview and a successful contract conclusion

Skills shortage? There is another way!

  • How to take advantage of all opportunities and draw on the full potential 
  • How to increase your chances of success in finding and retaining employees with the right infrastructure offerings
  • How to harmonize your corporate culture with recruiting requirements, avoid making false promises and still attract satisfied employees

Working environments - what is possible? What is necessary?

  • What remote, workation & co. do for better or worse
  • Which working model best suits your company and work culture
  • How to develop an effective management structure for each working model and achieve your results efficiently

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"Driven by the desire to contribute to solving social problems, Sophia realized that in many companies, recruiting has little to do with transparency and diversity and more to do with flying blind and vitamin B. So she made a decision and founded hrConnectum." 
Human Resources Manager


"Two years of bureaucracy and administrative procedures - only then was a talented software developer from North Macedonia able to start his job, reports Sophia Roepke. His employer supported him during this time, but not all companies have the resources for this. Sophia therefore cannot understand how such specialists can be let go when there is a shortage of them everywhere."  LinkedIn News DACH


Audience statements:


"Dear Sophia, thank you for your participation. It was really enriching to get to know your view of things." Armin Utz Business consultant, project manager for business start-ups at DEHOGA Beratung GmbH



Nur noch passende Bewerber

ISBN : 978-3-00-076375-5

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