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Steffen Stoll
Trainer Steffen Stoll
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Steffen Stoll is Managing Director of SISTEM 4 LIFE GmbH, author, speaker and coach by conviction. As a former competitive athlete in the fastest backstroke sport in the world, table tennis, he knows what dynamism means, where it comes from and what it is good for. The qualified specialist in personnel management and communication, suggestion therapist and behavioral trainer brings a wealth of experience to his training sessions. He goes into depth with his participants to bring behavior, responsibility, skills and values into an ideal balance. He himself was seriously injured and could no longer sense and feel his own dynamics. However, this did not stop him from studying to become a mental coach and sports and fitness trainer. Today, he claims: "Mental agility, courage and a focus on action are challenges facing our society." Whether in the organization, management or with employees. True to the company motto at SISTEM 4 LIFE, Steffen Stoll inspires people away from routine.


Lecture impulses for you

  • How inspiration wins - or: 
    "Praise yourself, otherwise nobody will do it anyway!"
  • If you want performance, you need basics - or: 
    "A shirt doesn't sweat by itself!"
  • Success is voluntary - or: 
    "When life really kneads you!"

The win! With body and mind

  • How to focus your leadership energy in changing times
  • The 3 rules of clear leadership communication
  • How to use the loyalty strategy of consistent leadership
  • How to recognize adult games and deal with them well
  • How to hear and promote values in language

Promoting holistic team development

  • How to perceive yourself as a team member, talk to each other and act clearly
  • How to find specific task assignments, roles and levels of behavior as a team
  • How to build mutual acceptance as a team
  • How to use individual skills and abilities as a team to achieve the stated goal

References & Press

"[...] The feedback from the participants was all positive. In particular, the pragmatic, open and always constructive approach will be remembered, underpinned by examples that certainly promote a differentiated view and thus mutual understanding in the long term. [...]"
Alexander Kessler, Head of Product Validation UNIMOG, Daimler Truck AG


"[...] With your professional, inspiring and consistent manner, you were already a resounding success with our participants during the season. All participants reported that the series has sustainably improved their quality of life and leadership. [...]" 
Stefan Linke, Managing Director of Heinrich Schmid Leadership Academy, Private Gesellschaft für Beratung und Training GmbH & Co. KG


"[...] The work with SISTEM 4 LIFE was appreciative, super constructive - almost comradely [...] especially during the pandemic, when it was very challenging for us."
Markus Zeiler, Garden Director of Insel Mainau GmbH


"[...] Why would I recommend SISTEM 4 LIFE - mainly the feeling of not having to worry about anything. The collaboration was characterized by a very high level of competence, a sense of family togetherness and great reliability."
Nadine Kaschub, Personnel Development Sparda Bank Baden-Württemberg eG



Erfolgskurs: Gute Leistung braucht dringend gute Grundlagen

ISBN : 3527510311

19.99 €


Presentation types

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Practical relevance

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