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"Financial Wellbeing is the art of earning, spending and managing money in such a way that we experience meaning and joy in life today, tomorrow and in the future.



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Dr. Thomas Mathar




Dr. Thomas Mathar, from Hamburg and now based in Edinburgh, heads up the Centre for Behavioural Research at Aegon UK. As a trained social anthropologist with additional training in behavioural economics, he researches how people can make better financial decisions. In Germany, he is known for his book "Financial Wellbeing" and appearances in media such as Stern and podcasts such as Alles auf Aktien. In the UK, he frequently speaks at financial conferences and is a highly regarded expert in his field. Tom (as he is known in the UK) is married and has two children.


Dr. Thomas Mathar takes financial psychology and behavioural science to the next level. His presentations, tried and tested in the UK, offer more than financial education: they are a holistic game changer. From closing the gender pension gap to sustainable financial strategies - relevant for all target groups.


Keynote lecture #1: The money secret that nobody teaches

  • More than numbers: Discover the deeper reasons behind your financial (mis)decisions!
  • Money & Emotions: Understanding your habits, instincts and emotions is the key to financial freedom.
  • -knowledge as a superpower: Understand what makes you happy to make smarter financial decisions.
    Long-term perspectives: Develop a long-term focus for financial resilience using science-based methods.

A must-read for anyone who wants to build their financial future on a solid, scientific foundation.


Keynote speech #2: Focus on people in financial advice

  • Emotional intelligence meets financial expertise: The future of advice in the age of AI.
  • Relational Revolution: Transactions are no longer enough; build deeper human relationships with your clients.
  • Psychology & Finance: Understand the cognitive and emotional factors that influence your clients' decisions.
  • Practical application: Integrate a human focus into all client interactions, from initial conversations to web presence.

A must for financial advisors looking to redefine their services in the digital age.


Keynote presentation #3: Anti-wrinkle creams vs. retirement planning

  • Scientific insights into the Gender Pension Gap: More than just numbers and statistics
  • Hard reality: Why conventional solutions such as childcare provision and combating the gender pay gap are not enough
  • Emotions & age: How the desire to stay young is sabotaging our pension provision.
  • Holistic approach: Integrate behavioural science approaches for effective strategies against the gender pension gap.

A must-read for anyone who not only wants to understand the gender pension gap, but also wants to tackle it in a scientifically sound way.

References & Press

As a sought-after expert in the field of money and finance, Dr Thomas Mathar is a regular guest on podcasts, radio and print media. Known from the high-profile money and stock market podcast "Alles auf Aktien," he is often referred to as the "money coach". He was once called the "Bodo Schäfer with a doctorate", a statement that emphasises his unique combination of sound science and practical financial tips. His expertise is not only sought after by the media, but also by the general public. In several interviews (for example with Stern magazine), he has demonstrated how much money you actually need to be happy, providing valuable impetus for the debate on money and quality of life.


"Tom came and presented at our Inspiring Women in Financial Services Conference, a conference bringing together 250 Female Advisers and Practice Principals from across the firms in The Openwork Partnership (a holistic Advisory Network in the UK). Tom held the audience captivated with insight from his research around Performance Maximisation versus Wellbeing Maximisation and how the Human Centric approach is of vital importance to individuals and therefore a performance accelerator. Tom also shared his insight and ideas/tools on the benefit of having a solid picture of our future self and what really makes us happy. The audience very much enjoyed the factual insight and the presentation style of Tom lead to a truly inspirational and thought-provoking session. I would highly recommend."

Claire Limon, Partnership Director, The Openwork Partnership, London UK



Financial Wellbeing: Die 10 Money- und Mindset-Bausteine für ein krisenfestes, glückliches und erfolgreiches Leben (Dein Erfolg)

ISBN : 3967391582

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