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Udo Gast, a renowned TOP 100 expert from the German Association of SMEs, has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur. After studying economics and social sciences, he founded one of the most successful vending companies in northern Germany and was awarded the BDV Oscar for outstanding achievements. Central themes that have shaped his life are responsibility, entrepreneurial success and the close connection between business and humanity. Udo Gast has taken on responsibility in a variety of roles: in intensive care medicine, as an honorary judge and as an entrepreneur. He shares his extensive knowledge of success in personal coaching, as a business mentor and trainer at seminars and on stage. He is the author of the book "Success needs responsibility". With his EVA model, he has developed a navigation system that helps entrepreneurs to steer a successful course. His EVA crisis model is available for special challenges in difficult times. Two guiding principles accompany Udo Gast on his life's journey: "To live is to learn" and "To be successful is to take responsibility and seize opportunities." His expertise and commitment make him a valued partner for companies and people striving for sustainable success.


Relationship management as a success factor

  • How to captivate your conversation partner in a matter of seconds
  • How to win hearts with appreciation and empathy and how the head follows you automatically 
  • How to use the secret of hypnotic communication for yourself
  • Body, voice, appearance - how to use your personal strengths on the phone and in person 


Mastering crises with strategy & system

  • Recognizing, analysing, reacting or rather proactively responding to crises?
  • The importance of crises for company growth
  • Leading in a crisis - charisma and trust as the supreme discipline of crisis management
  • Crises as a catalyst for change and success
  • How product expertise, process expertise and knowledge expertise lead to innovation 


The EVA principle - corporate success with a system


  • ADAM was yesterday - Why companies need EVA today
  • The six core elements of success and why the order is so important
  • Vision, mission and strategy - How to create a foundation for successful corporate development
  • The EVA model - A navigation system that puts entrepreneurs on the road to success with eight building blocks


Teamwork makes the Dreamwork - Methods for convincing team success

  • How to use the diversity in your team as a strength
  • The inspiring leader in team development
  • The secret of communication and collaboration
  • Tried and tested tips and strategies for sustainable success

References & Press

"Udo Gast impresses with the variety of his talents, skills and professional experience.
Both the transfer of professional knowledge and the high level of social competence in the
assessment of individuals were extremely valuable for my team of employees.
Professional, methodological and social skills Grade 1"
Wolfgang Haalboom, Managing Director Scheuermann GmbH

"Udo Gast guided our employees through the training with a very varied style of presentation.
As a matter of course, he picked up each participant mentally at the beginning and thus created a very trusting atmosphere. The content was documented in detail and
specifically focused on the key points. That's how it's done."
Oliver Drescher - Authorized signatory


"Udo Gast and the topic of "responsibility" are inseparable. He gets to the
essentials and inspires his guests. I have also had the pleasure of hosting him
in his podcast. 100% professionalism and 100% recommendation!"
Susanne Nickel - Change expert

"He managed to pick up the seminar participants at the right level - everyone reported very positively afterwards, great approaches that need to be used for the future."
Oliver Maack - Authorized signatory Gengenbach GmbH & Co KG

Mr. Udo Gast was able to inspire the audience. He understood that an event like this can be better anchored with emotions. The mixture of music, personalities and knowledge transfer made the 1st World Cup Night a success."
Dr. Julio Aspiazu, pirAMide Informatik G.



Erfolg braucht Verantwortung - Betriebswirtschaft hat abgewirtschaftet

ISBN : ‎ 978-3986410384

24.95 €



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Die wertvollsten Momente im Leben sind für mich die Begegnungen und Gespräche mit interessanten Menschen. Für mich ist nicht wichtig, wer sie sind und was sie machen, sondern was sie bewirken. Alle sind sie Experten auf ihrem Gebiet, sind geprägt von ihren persönlichen Geschichten und Erlebnissen. Besonders, wenn sie andere an ihrem Erfahrungsschatz und Wissen teilhaben lassen, ihnen ein Lächeln oder ein bewunderndes Staunen auf das Gesicht zaubern – dann hat jeder Augenblick gelohnt.

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