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Ulf Zinne

No one has a template for your sales success.



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Ulf Zinne
Entrepreneur Ulf Zinne




Ulf Zinne, Dipl.-Kfm. (FH), Mr. Podcast, entrepreneur, author and TV presenter, has stood for "authentic selling" for +20 years. In his work, he combines modern spirituality and sales like no other and has received several awards. His focus is on the sale of personalized and high-priced services.


He started his own business for the first time at the age of 14. He later completed his studies in Germany and abroad as a dual student with the Otto Group. He then accompanied an international sales consultancy during its growth phase.


His observation: the top 1% of all salespeople worldwide achieve extraordinary success through their personality, not through techniques. In 2012, he founded his own company with this focus, which achieves strong sales results based on personality. A holding company was founded in 2020.


More than 50,000 people from 29 countries and over 30 industries have already benefited from his knowledge. Since 2019, he has also been using PodSelling® to show how companies can use podcasts for sales.


Higher Self Selling 
How to make the connection between modern spirituality and sales success

  • How to make the transition from traditional selling to selling through your own personality and frequency with your team
  • The 6 requirements for salespeople in the new era and how to manage the balancing act between "personality" and "business requirements"
  • From provider to brand: How objections can now be a thing of the past and you can build up a natural desire on the part of your prospects instead

PodSelling® (Podcast + Sales)
How to become number 1 in the ears of your prospects

  • The 9 mindset misconceptions about podcasts and how to develop a profitable podcast from episode 1
  • How to increase your appointment rate for cold contacts easily and repeatably up to 80%
  • Branding podcasts, podcast funnels etc. - How to find the right format and stage it effectively
  • How to turn your leads into enthusiastic customers for your company


Digital business building 
How to successfully build online programs

  • Attract prospects and customers with the tried-and-tested WebLive coaching format
  • The online course creator: How to quickly create winning content that you can use flexibly and at any time
  • How to increase the participation and completion rate of your programs to up to 80% and thus secure a real competitive advantage. 

Human Sales Excellence® 

From salesperson to sparring partner

  • How to establish sales as a holistic form of corporate management and thus define and anchor a sales value proposition at all levels
  • Talent-oriented leadership - how to use the (subconscious) motivators and talents of your employees for mutual success.
  • How to develop a contemporary sales mindset and immediately produce 20-30% better results with it
  • How you can systematically assess your chances of closing deals in just 7 minutes with 4 simple questions and optimize them in key areas

DecisionFINISHER® -

How to increase the speed of implementation

  • How to develop a strong FINISHER mindset and significantly increase your implementation speed
  • How to identify and prioritize a strong power goal with your team and successfully integrate it into everyday life
  • Favorite hobby "self-deception": Identifying and breaking through your own excuse architecture

References & Press

"This makes podcasting fun. Great job." Jochen Schweizer

"Everything is just right here. Top preparation, good questions and impeccable humanity. I'd be happy to do it again." 
Fabian Hambüchen, Olympic champion and most successful German gymnast of all time

"Pure enthusiasm. A real ace on the podcast market."

Gerd Kulhavy, Speakers Excellence

"One of the most professional hosts I have ever worked with." 

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

"An incredible level of professionalism." Greta Silver

"As an entrepreneur and athlete, I really appreciate professionalism. Thank you for that." Anni Friesinger-Postma, 3-time Olympic champion & 16-time world champion




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Junge Persönlichkeiten: Der Podcast der Modernen Schule Hamburg

Ich hasse Strategieberater

Ich hasse Strategieberater

Speakers Excellence

21. Stuttgarter Wissensforum | Ulf Zinne im Gespräch mit Georg Kofler - "Unternehmertum bedeutet Risiko aber auch mehr Freiheit"

Speakers Excellence

Stürzen, aufstehen, siegen lernen | Fabian Hambüchen

Speakers Exellence

21. Stuttgarter Wissensforum | Ulf Zinne im Gespräch mit Matthias Steiner - "Du kannst alles schaffen, wenn es dich emotional berührt"

Speakers Excellence

Finanzielle Nachhaltigkeit und Stabilität in Krisenzeiten Ulf Zinne im Gespräch mit Isabel Grupp

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