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Vanessa Weber
Entrepreneur Vanessa Weber
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Vanessa Weber is Managing Director of Werkzeug Weber GmbH & Co. KG in Aschaffenburg and a passionate entrepreneur. For many, she is the voice of the SME sector. As a blogger and specialist author for numerous well-known media, as an influencer on the topics of female and modern entrepreneurship, innovation, management and leadership and as a popular and award-winning speaker at major congresses and conferences, she provides valuable inspiration to many thousands of people and is regarded as a role model of a socially committed and responsible entrepreneur. Werkzeug Weber GmbH & Co. KG is run by Vanessa Weber in the fourth generation as a family business. At the age of 22, she was faced with the major task of taking over the company as its successor. She took on this challenge and, together with her team, managed to more than quintuple turnover in the following years and fundamentally realign the company's entrepreneurial success. She focuses on innovation and new business areas as well as sustainability - within the company, but also in the social and societal sphere. She is committed to climate protection and the education of children and young people, as well as to reconciling economy and ecology. Vanessa Weber stands for healthy, ethical and sustainable economic growth. She is the founder of the Vanessa Weber Foundation for Education and Sustainability, an activist in various environmental and climate protection movements and is involved in committees of various national and international business and professional associations. Among other things, she is a member of Familienunternehmer and the Ethik Society. In 2019, she was honored by the Federal Ministry of Economics as a "role model entrepreneur". In 2024, she received the Bavarian Constitutional Order for her outstanding commitment and was named "Woman of the Year" by the Beyond Gender Agenda initiative.



Business Talk Role model entrepreneurship -
bold, creative, connected, innovative and sustainable

  • How working together promotes new thinking and drives innovation
  • Why sustainability and social commitment are not "fuss", but mean return on investment
  • How entrepreneurs become role models and gain honest authority
  • Why courage pays off and does not always mean taking risks

"Goodbye skills shortage!" - 
How to attract the right minds of tomorrow

  • How you will never have to place job advertisements again
  • How sustainability and social commitment attract attention and skilled workers
  • Why no one needs a foosball table, but everyone needs good leadership
  • How networks become the basis for success and build reputation
  • What makes a modern employer brand and why a visible boss is indispensable for it

Employer branding as a matter for the boss: 
The entrepreneur as brand

  • How the boss becomes a brand and thus an ambassador for his lovable company
  • How to achieve publicity with a small budget and get recognition for it
  • Why good stories are more effective than loud advertising messages
  • How to cultivate honesty, gain credibility and magnetically attract employees and customers

The future is female - 
Why the German economy needs more female entrepreneurs

  • How female intuition promotes innovation and business
  • Why female leadership has nothing to do with cuddling and yet enables more assertiveness
  • Have the courage: Women as successful successors, founders and leaders

References & Press

Vanessa Weber - Awards & Honours:

  • Blogger for the entrepreneur magazine "Impulse" with around 1 million clicks per month
  • Xing Top-Mind with a reach of 12 million users
  • Founder of the Vanessa Weber Foundation for Education & Sustainability 
  • Finalist "My Good Example" of the Bertelsmann Foundation
  • Winner of the MMP Award in the category Network & Innovation
  • Winner of the "Mittelstandshelden" award
  • Winner of the "Sustainability Award Agenda 21
  • Finalist "Next Generation Award - Succession" of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs
  • Appointment as member of the "Ethics Society
  • Appointment as model entrepreneur by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs & Energy
  • Bosch PPT - Stuttgart - "Retailer with a Heart" Award
  • Juror for "secret investors" (TV show)


  • Handelsblatt 
  • F. A. Z. publishing house
  • WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management
  • EBS - University of Economics and Law
  • GfK - Society for Consumer Research
  • Vogel Communications Group (Vogel Verlag)
  • Economic Summit Germany
  • German Bank
  • Ergo Insurances
  • Bavarian State Ministry
  • PVH Congress of the Central Association of the Hardware Trade e. V.
  • SME Day of the VR Banks
  • Panel discussion Eurominds (Focus / Focus Money)



#malehrlich: 52 ungeschminkte Impulse einer Unternehmerin

ISBN : 3968000048

24.90 €


Töchter im Familienunternehmen: Wie weibliche Nachfolge gelingt und Familienunternehmen erfolgreich verändert

ISBN : 3662443325

54.99 €


Digitalisierung im Mittelstand: Trends, Impulse und Herausforderungen der digitalen Transformation

ISBN : 3658292903

59.99 €


Prinz Charles wird niemals König: Wegweiser zur erfolgreichen Thronfolge in Familienunternehmen

ISBN : 1627843531

0.00 €



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