Prof. Dr. Walter Kromm, Master of Public Health

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Prof. Dr. Walter Kromm, Master of Public Health
Speaker Prof. Dr. Walter Kromm, Master of Public Health




The sought-after and renowned keynote speaker Prof. Dr. Walter Kromm teaches as an honorary professor resource- & future-oriented "togetherness management". His projects with a wide variety of companies at home and abroad result in sustainable changes for the benefit of the companies and the people working in them. Many years of practical experience complete his unique background in medicine, business administration and philosophy. On this basis, he conveys in an entertaining and entertaining way, in a way that is both substantial and authentic, which competencies we humans need in order to work together exceptionally well, innovatively and at the same time in a way that promotes health. You will be surprised how much quality of life, innovative power and productivity reserves lie dormant in your company.


Togetherness Management - 
The basic innovation for future success


  • When do people desire to combine the development of their talents with their work?
  • What insights do people in companies need to give each other strength instead of robbing each other of strength?
  • Under what conditions is sick leave low and the quality of attendance high?

Save your Company - 
How to stay fit for the future with new perspectives


  • Creative processes: What could help companies to unearth the hidden treasures that the future offers themselves, before start-ups do?
  • How do you gain a broader repertoire of decisions and actions?
  • What prevents you from being able to react more quickly to change?

Health as a resource - 
Staying mentally and physically healthy despite high demands

  • What helps people stay healthy?
  • Burned out and no time: What insights can help you be more competent in "your own business"?
  • Current health issues, prevention of mental stress: What insights from the field can you benefit from?


References & Press

"Dr. Walter Kromm has an excellent grasp of content and rhetoric in front of a large plenary audience."
Dr. Toni Schönenberger, UBS AG, Switzerland

"The feedback from his seminars on business management has been overwhelmingly positive!"
Dr. Klaus Haupold, University of Cooperative Education, Dresden

Dr. Kromm: "Of all the other references, I was particularly pleased with the following final résumé from participants after a seminar: 'An event where you forget to look at your cell phone.'"



Die Kraft der guten Gefühle

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