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Waltraud Hermann
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  • Macht die Kinder endlich digital und bildungsstark | Waltraud Hermann beim SpeakerSlam 2022

  • Digitale BILDUNG in Deutschland - Was kann man MACHEN? | Waltraud Hermann - Didacta 2023

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Waltraud Hermann stands for digital education in Germany. She is an expert and thought leader for teaching and new learning in the digital world, for personal development and for change in all its facets - with a particular focus on agility, digital transformation and smart working. With her initiatives, books and lectures, she encourages, inspires people and gets them to take action. She leads networks and was association chairwoman for 15 years. Thanks to her three degrees (physics, business informatics and philosophy), she has a unique ability to connect people and technology and gets to the bottom of things. Her expertise is based on decades of varied practical experience as a speaker, trainer, project manager, systemic and agile coach, software developer, physics teacher and author. As co-author of the bestsellers "Awareness in Life" and "Mindfulness and Resilience in Life", she developed the "Root Wing Model". In her latest book (to be published in spring 2024), she shows how the skills shortage can be turned into a skills boom. She sees the lack of digital technology education in schools, companies and society as one of the main causes.


Digital transformation

"From skilled labor shortage to skilled labor boom. 

Digital and technological maturity as the key."

  • Waltraud Hermann impressively shows that one of the main
    cause of the shortage of skilled workers is the lack of
    digital and technological education in schools and
    companies. She provides valuable ideas on how we can
    Europe's digital laggard in terms of technology and
    competitive again in terms of technology and people.

"Reboot our education system. 

Finally make the children digital and educationally strong!"

  • She is convinced that digital education should be the fourth cultural technology
    in the curriculum, alongside reading, arithmetic and writing. She initiates
    with all her expertise on how we as parents, schools, companies and society
    companies and society become digital and educationally strong.

"Digitalization needs a relationship! 
Why we need more humanity in the digital world."

  • Why more humanity is essential for digitalization
    and accelerates the digital transformation.
    Change, agility and personality


"Appreciation is mindfulness. 

Without appreciation, companies lose billions."

  • Using her root wing model, she shows how (self-)
    appreciation increases the mindfulness and resilience factor of every
    individuals and companies and leads to personal mastery.
    mastery. Appreciation will become the most important
    economic success factor of the future.

"Approaches to agile personnel development. 

Why we need a paradigm shift."

  • Why agility and smart working need more stability and learning is the key
    of successful change.

References & Press

Voices of participants :

"The conference ended for us with a little firework display. The
lecture 'How to make training sexy' was so well attended that many
audience had to stand. After a long day full of
frontal lectures, the audience was visibly impressed by the
lively and didactically wonderfully prepared presentation."

"Your presentation was a hit!!! both in terms of content and the interest
the interest of the participants. The place was packed
full!" (Lecture DSAG annual congress)

"Very, very inspiring! Thank you, I took a lot with me, a lot
to think about, to listen to. I would love to hear more from you
know more!"

"It wasn't boring for a minute. On the contrary - lots of new things
would like to dig further! Great lecture. Many
thanks!" (Lecture MBA Agile Management)


Additional qualifications:

  • Academic speaker certificate
  • Systemic transactional analysis (change, consulting, coaching)
  • Systemic-integral coach
  • Agile coach and agile leadership
  • SAFe Program Consultant
  • Organizational change management (consultant, trainer, coach)



Bewusstsein im Leben: Lebensfreude – Achtsamkeit - Leichtigkeit (W.I.N Women in Network®)

ISBN : 3982196876

18.90 €


Achtsamkeit und Resilienz im Leben: Die Schlüssel zum Erfolg (W.I.N Women in Network®)

ISBN : 978-3982196893

18.90 €



President’s Talk: Bettina Stark im Gespräch mit Waltraud Hermann und Fabian Schaub

GSA Podcast mit Ansgar Wimmer: Generation in der Fortbildung - Zu alt oder zu jung? - Der President's Talk mit Waltraud Herman und Fabian Schaub


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Waltraud Hermann im Video Interview mit Eva Laspas zum Buchbeitrag "Wertschätzung ist Achtsamkeit".

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