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Prof. Wolfgang Henseler
Entrepreneur Prof. Wolfgang Henseler
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Prof. Wolfgang Henseler is the founder and Managing Creative Director of SENSORY-MINDS, a design studio for new media and innovative technologies. He also holds a professorship at Pforzheim University in the field of Digital Media and Master of Creative Directions. He is the founder and course director of the "Intermedia Design" course and teaches digital transformation, design and innovation thinking, next generation business model and user experience. He is an expert in customer- and user-centered 4.0 business solutions and a specialist in media-based brand experiences and design thinking. As a visionary, source of inspiration and orientation for "new" thinking in the age of digitalization, Prof. Henseler inspires and coaches well-known companies. His focus is on communicating future opportunities and possibilities for companies, society and politics. In his presentations, he inspires with a variety of practical examples and whets the appetite for the digital future!


The presentations and workshops are always tailored to the specific company or industry and coordinated in advance in order to achieve the best possible effect and the greatest impact for the participants.

Lecture topics:

THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION and its impact on the economy, society and our lives

  • How innovative technologies, artificial intelligence and smart products are changing the way we think
  • How to recognize the potential of the "new" and harness it for your company
  • How to start your transformation process with the right method
  • How to create competitive advantages with user-centric solutions, achieve a significant market advantage and thus ensure sustainable business success

DIGITALIZATION IN THE BUSINESS WORLD - How to think to succeed in the age of 4.0

  • How to recognize where you stand
  • How to develop your company-specific target image
  • How to set the right priorities and define milestones
  • How to create an innovative working environment, empower employees and actively shape transformation and change using methods

The topic 4.0 can be exemplified for any industry, e.g. Pharma 4.0, Energy 4.0, Auto 4.0, Marketing 4.0, etc.


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and data-driven business - from product-based to data-based business models

  • How to recognize the value of your data and develop a business model from it
  • How you can and should use data securely (GDPR and PEPP compliant) for the benefit of users and customers
  • How you can use artificial intelligence and machine learning to create the best user experience


Developing a digital strategy (transformation coaching)

  • How to work out your digital strategy step by step in a workshop, develop a target image and a roadmap for implementation

 Design Thinking

  • How to achieve product and service innovations using the design thinking methodology. Practical hands-on workshop with impulses and creative ideas for the participants.

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Year founded: 2009

Number of employees: 55

Industry: Internet, IT, AI and IoT

Area of activity: Worldwide

USP: User experience and artificial intelligence, digital transformation


Adidas, Apple, Commerzbank, dm Drogerie, Douglas, Google, Lufthansa, Fiat, AMG, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, RWE, innogy, SAP, Volkswagen, JTi, Camel, Winston, HD+, Reuter, Grohe, Merck, Clariant, Octapharma, DHL, Commerzbank, Creutz&Partners, MLP, Vontobel, Lloyd Fonds, Payback, Generali, Huk24, HDI Gerling, Allianz, Rakuten, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Guggenheim Museum, Jettainer, VDE, Schott, SES Astra, Bertelsmann,, Microsoft, Amazon, Sparkassen Verband, Volksbank, Deutsche Bank, Gulp, Haufe, AOK, Messe Offenbach, Messe Frankfurt, GCC, Mobility Concept u. v. m.





The Attention Economy and How Media Works: Simple Truths for Marketers

ISBN : 978-9811515392

29.99 €


Design, Anfang des 21. Jahrhunderts: Diskurse und Perspektiven

ISBN : 978-3899861501

39.90 €


Das Design digitaler Produkte: Entwicklungen, Anwendungen, Perspektiven

ISBN : 978-3035612257

39.95 €


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Expert Marketplace - Prof. Wolfgang Henseler - Impressions 1
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