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„A good boxer must also be afraid. But he has to get them under control.“

Henry Maske

How can you derive inspiration from Olympic champions? At some point, many former top athletes begin to share their experience and expertise as speakers in their lectures and transfer this to topics such as leadership, success, personality and so on.

But what exactly can you learn from sports and from top athletes themselves for your own business? Sport, and top-class sport in particular, requires discipline, ambition, courage and perseverance. Exactly these qualities are also important building blocks in other areas of life. These values are particularly important in business.

Whether it is the management of your company, the motivation of your employees, personal success or a new innovation. The Top 100 speakers will show you which disciplines are particularly important in which industries and how you can adapt and utilise the strengths of top athletes to suit your own needs!

The range of topics covered by the speakers include: Learning to win, Mission Olympic gold, Courage to succeed, Victory and defeat, Winning without defeating, An Olympic victory every day, Sport and commerce, Olympic history, Behind the scenes at the Olympics, Project Folg, Fit for peak performance, The healthy path to success, The road to a World Cup winner, Talent is silver and training is gold, The desire to perform, Team flow, From heavyweight to feel-good me, Principles of high-performance sport, Secrets of team sport champions, Making decisions under pressure, Secrets of success of Olympic champions, etc.

Learn how to lead an Olympic champion's life from our top speakers.

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