Digitalisation, innovation & future

„Digital starts with people - and with changing the way they think“

Karl-Heinz Land, member of the Federal Government's Digital Council

Digitalisation is the big trend of our time.

Exciting developments are taking place: the digital transformation is impacting numerous relevant areas of life and work. "Big data", "Industry 4.0" and the "Internet of Things" are radically changing everyday office life. Digital trends are an indicator of innovation and new ideas.

The top 100 speakers show that the focus is still on people, because in order to make the best use of technological possibilities, people need to be able to work, think and be creative. There is a broad consensus in research today that human intelligence is not comparable to artificial intelligence according to current models - artificial intelligence cannot replace humans, but it can certainly optimise their work.

The range of topics covered by the speakers includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Recognition Algorithms, Virtual Reality, IoT, Smart Materials, Drones, Blockchain, Security, Data Security, Cryptocurrencies, Influencer Marketing, Cyber Crime, Autonomous Driving, Life 2025, Foresight Mindset, Silicon Valley Mindset etc.

Our top speakers will show you how to familiarise yourself and your company with the new changes and trends.

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