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„Inspiring customers can be so easy!“

Marcus Smola

Marketing is one of the central aspects of the market and is concerned with recognising people's needs and meeting them. Marketing covers everything from corporate and brand communication to sales and online marketing, as well as many other areas such as event marketing, PR/public relations, etc.

And depending on where a need is lacking, marketing comes around the corner with a breath of fresh air. Whether it's the usual discount code for the next purchase or a message with the subject "Have a safe journey home!" as soon as the customer has left the shop - it doesn't matter! The main thing is that you meet your customer's needs.

The range of topics covered by the speakers include Branding, recommendation & experience marketing, digital change in marketing, sales motivation, successful influencer marketing, viral marketing, from content marketing to fake news, WE BRANDS, my brand, heart brand, customer amazement, new customer acquisition, price negotiations, recommendation marketing, marketing trends, customer service sales rhetoric & psychology etc.

Our top speakers will show you how to discover your customers' needs and inspire them with simple ideas.

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