Personality, Success & Motivation

Competence and passion is the formula for success.

Reiner Calmund

Success in professional life is much more than just mastering technical skills. It requires a consolidated personality. Our individual personality determines how we deal with challenges, where our passion lies and where it is lacking.

Choosing the right career field depends heavily on our personality. Extroverts often flourish in marketing and sales, while conscientious colleagues shine in controlling and research positions. Is this a coincidence? No! Our personality guides us to the professions in which we can succeed and defines what success means to us personally. Therefore, it is critical to understand our own personality in order to find the path to our personal and professional success.

In terms of personality development, there are numerous topics to explore, including: the 5 keys to personal success, success strategies, dealing with defeat, self-motivation, recognizing opportunities, harnessing potential, setting visions and goals, making decisions, realizing dreams, courage to change, accidental success, the DNA of success, quality of will, memory training, mental toughness, self- and time-management, and much more.

Learn from the inspiring success stories of well-known personalities from the fields of business, politics, education and sports how closely personality and success are linked. The insights from these stories can help you shape your own path to success.

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