Sonja Gründemann

It doesn't have to be perfect. Real is better.



Communication, Rhetoric & Body Language


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Sonja Gründemann
Trainer Sonja Gründemann
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Sonja Gründemann is THE expert for your successful performance. She rocks the stage in all formats - whether as a speaker, moderator, (e-)trainer, coach, actress, singer or podcaster. She accompanies people on their way to the business stage in her presentation workshop. Sonja Gründemann combines the two halves of her heart as a graduate in business administration and a trained stage actress. Today, she demonstrates her unique expertise in a varied and well-founded manner. Her clients include well-known companies from the business and banking sectors. She declares war on gray figures, data and facts and brings more entertainment into the business world. Her motto is: "It doesn't have to be perfect. Real is better."


Storytelling in business

  • Numbers, data and facts are boring? Not with the right story!
  • Find your story on the right topic that suits you.
  • Build a connection with your customers through storytelling

Rock the stage - the successful business presentation

  • Impact - all a question of attitude?
  • How to really rock your performance -
    even with soft tones and online
  • Stage fright - how to learn to love it

Inspire yourself and you will inspire your customers!

  • How to find out what you love about a product
  • Package it in customer language and build a trusting relationship
  • Burn for your business (again) and have fun with your customers

References & Press

"Dear Sonja, thank you very much for your great keynote and the stage program at our congress. With your warm, light and fresh manner, your humor and charm, you fascinated and captivated us all. You were a great asset and we are very much looking forward to working with you again in the future"
Karen Schaefer, Haufeakadamie


"Sonja Gründemann shines on stage not only with her skills and knowledge, but also with her ability to captivate the audience in a very charming way."
Katharina Pommer, entrepreneur


"I was impressed by Sonja Gründemann's professionalism and warmth. She got to the heart of where and how I could improve and gave me specific tips. That took me a big step forward on stage."
Uwe Rühl, Managing Director, Rucon Group


Extract from company references:

Richemont, apoBank, Commerzbank, Unilever, Mars, netgroup, Sparkasse Marburg-Biedenkopf, tergroup, LIST


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Expert Marketplace - Sonja Gründemann - Impressions 1
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Sonja Gründemann wird als Chair 2023 die Convention der German Speakers Association (GSA) vom 07.-09.09.2023 in Potsdam hosten. Sie ist damit verantwortlich für die Inhalte, sowie den Ablauf. Sie ist bereits als Dozentin in der Akademie der GSA für den Feinschliff der Absolventen vor der Prüfung tätig. 

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  • Workshop

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