Industry, economy and finance

„BE YOU - Be yourself! - A recipe for success in business succession"

Isabel Grupp, State Chairwoman of Young Entrepreneurs Baden-Württemberg

Our modern society is based on three powerful pillars: industry, the economy and the world of finance. Each of them contributes in its own way to setting our world in motion. Industry is the driving force of progress, constantly in search of innovation. This is where ideas emerge that push the boundaries of what is possible and create jobs as well as increase prosperity. Together with industry, the economy makes a significant contribution to shaping our modern living environment. The economy, on the other hand, is a complex structure consisting of companies, markets and trade. It forms the network of our daily lives and exerts a significant influence on our quality of life. The economy is the pulse that drives life in the modern world. At the same time, the world of finance plays a decisive role in our socio-economic fabric. The financial world forms the third cornerstone, consisting of institutions ranging from banks and stock exchanges to investments. Here, financial stability and securing the future take centre stage. Even in a constantly changing world where industry, business and finance are closely intertwined, it is essential for companies to break new ground and overcome crises.

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